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        Schools today are struggling to meet the needs of all students.

Staff shortages, stiffer guidelines, broader ranges of need, and increasing class sizes have made meeting the needs of all students very difficult. The issues are also causing a rise in special education numbers and children needing mental health resources.

        It can be very challenging to figure out if a student’s problems are the result of a mental health concern or a disability that impairs their long-term learning. The key is to have good systems and good leaders in place to identify students’ learning obstacles and mental health needs. We have both at Lexington Public Schools. Our devoted and caring staff truly wants the best for all students.

        To qualify for special education, a child’s performance must suffer due to a disability in one of about thirteen categories. The categories include autism, attention-deficit, dyslexia, developmental delays or other learning disabilities. A student may be missing school due to struggles with learning or depression and it is important to figure out which programs will best fit their needs.

        In conclusion, if you are a parent or guardian who is trying to figure out how to help your child, the best thing is to contact a staff member and ask for help. Together we can figure out how to help your child. The process may take some time but it is important to reach out. Kids that fall through the cracks may not get what they need to be successful in their post-secondary life.