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The idea of starting a business can be very exciting to young people. They dream of making money and having people line up for their product or service. While these outcomes are good outcomes of a business, they sometimes distract business owners from their real purpose. In our Entrepreneurship class this semester we have been focusing on solving peoples’ problems. A good business owner that will last the test of time is one who is obsessed with their customers and how they can solve their problems. My young entrepreneurs have started the process of developing their business ideas with such ventures as an interior design company that uses technology to find their customers’ preferences and goggles that allow homeowners to easily find pests inside their homes. The next step in our business development is interviewing our potential customers to find what their priorities are and how they go about purchasing their goods. At the end of the year the students will present their ideas in a “Shark Tank” format for their final presentations. Each year I am energized and excited to hear the passion of our young entrepreneurs.