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By Carol Carlson


        The Six-Word Memoir is telling a life story or part of a life in six words. The Class of 2022 was challenged to reflect upon the six words to summarize their dreams, goals, and achievements. Following are the six words chosen by English 4 students in my three classes. We can learn a great deal about each student from this simple first assignment.


Period 4


Acosta-Garcia, Francisco “Ride like it’s your last ride.”

Alvarez, Manuel “Angels defend me; demons respect me.”

Chacon, Amy “I came to love my demons.”

Corona, Sindelle “I’m here every day but never punctual.”

Flores, Diego “Exercise helps me deal with problems.”

Frias, Alex “Time will just keep moving forward.”

Gallegos-Carranza, Yasmin “Sports help erase my pain away.”

Garcia, Andrea “A hardworking young mother making it.”

Gaspar, Enrique “Being a hard worker pays off.”

Gomez, Alex “Being comfortable leads you to failure.”

Hernandez, Brayan “Learning is a part of life.”

Hernandez-Deleon, Chantal “Skating is an escape from reality.”

Houlden, Kara “Real friends. “Nothing more, nothing less.”

Maravilla-Rodriguez, Leslie “Live one day at a time.”

Martin-Andres, Alicia “I work hard for my parents.”

Navarrete, Adriana “So much to do not done.”

Orozco-Silva, Jenny “Don’t let magazines shape your body.”

Ortega-Diaz, Manuel “I work hard to get results.”

de Perez, Andres “Soccer will always be my escape.”

Rivas, Angel “Soccer distracts me from my homework.”

Rodriguez-Murillo, Francisco “Menace to society but still entertaining.”

Sanchez, Hannah “I still do not regret anything.”

Susarrey-Galvan, Karina “The higher the standards, the better.”

Trejo, Alessandra “Reading is my escape from reality.”

Vargas-Guido, Fredy “Love hurts, but you move on.”

Zamora-Rodriguez, Jeniffer “My son is my biggest blessing.”


Period 5


Alconedo, Carlos “One person can change the world.”

Alvarez-Gonzalez, Hanna “Life is not what it appears.”

Alvidrez-Cardiel, Ilene “My life is just getting started.”

Arredondo, Natalie “Only the stars separate us now.”

Campillo, Aaron “I hate being bi-polar; it’s awesome.”

Diaz, Angelina “Forever changing my card to yellow.”

Felix-Orozco, Belkis Velen “Love not by blood but heart.”

Galvan, Casandra “Hit my head but [I] survived.”

Gurrola, Ximena “Take advantage of time; clock’s ticking.”

Landaverde-Orantes, Katerine “I’ve made the very best mistakes.”

Lopez-Tapia, Rafaela “I’m lost; made a different path.”

Lorenzana-Ramos, Bridny “My family makes me feel stronger.”

Maciel-Ramirez, Angel “Life is short; make it memorable.”

Mendoza-Garcia, Denise “Flip the page; finish the book.”

Mohamed, Fatuma “I’m going to graduate. Told you!”

Molina, Angel “Trust the process and be patient.”

Munoz-Contreras, Briyeth “Live the moment; never give up.”

Perez-Acevedo, Ana “Life. It’s really the little things.”

Ramirez, Anthony “Life isn’t always about the wins.”

Raymundo-Jesus, Miguel “Hard work pays off any day.”

Serrano-Garcia, Crystal “Just let me go to sleep.”

Stewart, Evan “I was only going 150 officer.”

Woody, Tyler “I live life with no regrets.”

Zepeda-Larrave, Kezia “I don’t know about life whatsoever.”


Period 7


Aguilar, Joseph “It’s time to surpass your limits.”

Barraza-Saenz, Kimberly “Awake or not awake, still breathing.”

Castillo-Barron, Melanie “Obstacles appear; continue following your goal.”

Chavez-Morales, Lynsey “Music: An expression of my life.”

Colindres de Leon, Samantha “Anticipating of what could go wrong.”

Diaz-Quinonez, Luis “Don’t be deceived by misleading looks.”

Draskovic, Brooke “Be the person everyone truly adores.”

Espinoza, Cristina “When you dream, you’re set free.”

Gaspar, Alfredo “Dreams keep you motivated in life.”

Gomez-Gutierrez, Josue “Furball on the street changed me.”

Hecht, Amber “I’m always sleeping; leave me along.”

Juan, Esmeralda “It’s hard leaving my old home.”

Loarca-Bautista, Liliann “The past happened; let it go.”

Lopez-Domingo, Juan “Family is what keeps me going.”

McCance, Destani “Lost in darkness; found in stars.”

Medrano-Virula, Elias “There is no victory without sacrifice.”

Mejia-Olano, Eli “Life. Everything has led me here.”

Moulid, Barwaqo “Be kind to yourself and others.”

Ramirez, Jesus “Set yourself up for success today.”

Silvrants, Mya “Liar, Liar my trust on fire.”

Texoco, Vicca “Always look at the bright side.”

Vargas-Hernandez, Ernesto “Soccer takes me to another world.”