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Senior Memories

As the seniors finish up chemistry.  They were asked to reflect on some of the most memorable events from their two years of chemistry.  They are a great group of students and will be missed.


Miranda Gomez

My most memorable moment in chemistry was doing the Equilibrium Constant lab (aka. Unicorn Pee Lab) with Miriam. We came in during homeroom to do a lab we missed and both got to see the chemicals make something disgustingly beautiful. We poured chemical into chemical, in gradually increasing ratios, and finally got to see the reaction. Our chemicals, once clear and pristine, turned to a goldish yellow filled with silver like sparkles. I always liked seeing the chemicals change into something you don’t expect, so this lab felt like something I’ve seen in chemistry videos.   Chemistry is always fun when you have the right person to do it with.


Luis Castellanos

One memorable moment that I had in chemistry was the gold penny lab. I enjoyed this lab because the first time we did the lab I burnt my penny and was very sad and disappointed. When we revisited the lab during the following year, I finally was able to create the perfect gold penny. I was so excited and proud that I went to show the penny off to my mother once I got home.


Ben Ward

One memorable moment from chemistry for me…

       We have achieved what some first graders couldn’t. We successfully performed a density lab making a rainbow out of sugar water. I don’t see why those first graders couldn’t get a water bath, an electronic scale, distilled water, granulated cylinders, multiple beakers, or magnetic stirrers. The rainbow made from dyed sugar water is still alive and vibrant to this day! Chemistry is much easier when you have the appropriate equipment at your disposal.


Miriam Lemus

Chemistry has provided many memorable experiences for me. I remember my first year of Chemistry I was in a group with O’Brasia and Jackson. We all knew the rules and safeties in Chemistry because we wrote them every day. I remember we were all nervous for this lab because it looked long and other classes were saying it was tough. We were doing the lab pretty good until O’Brasia did something unexpected. She probably was nervous and she got too much of the compound out of the tub and started to put it back into the jar. This is a big no-no in Chemistry.  I remember Ms. Klein was really upset and she gave us a lecture on following rule 33. It was a moment I will never forget because rule number 33 is embedded into my head.


Michelle Rivas

There have been many memorable memories in chemistry. Although, the one of the most memorable memories I have was when I completed the titration lab. This lab was significantly more memorable than others because I can remember how difficult it was to get the correct color. It was really frustrating when my partners and I would put too much solution making the color too pink. But it was very rewarding when we finally had the perfect mixture of the solutions, allowing for that ideal translucent pink.


Grace Avila

The most memorable part of taking chemistry II is the labs I get to do with Miranda. She is always spilling whatever we work on, on my papers and it’s like I carry a little sample with me always. It was originally just us two and then Ben joined the group and I remember Miranda yelled at him once for who knows what, but I remember laughing a lot. Also, having our parties and taking breaks after doing lectures. There is no other class where we had to work really hard, but then would take a break. This class has created wonderful memories that I will never forget.