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Carl Sagan’s quote hits home this year. A body of knowledge is great to have, but a way of thinking about the world around us creates curiosity! In both classes I teach (Applied Science & Physical Science) we have used science to solve many problems and answer many questions. Fortunately for me and the classes I teach we are able to use the scientific method as a way of thinking.

In Applied Science we have used the scientific method as a way of thinking to solve different problems throughout many projects. We have worked on projects in class such as creating rafts out of paper to see how many pennies it can hold before sinking, how many drops of water can fit on a penny, and even a couple of ‘minute to win it’ competitions to see who is superior.

In Physical Science we have used a way of thinking to help us when dealing with matter. We have learned about matter in motion and the forces that act on matter. We will be learning about how the use of forces through work can create energy. Throughout the rest of the year we will be learning about many of the energies found in Physics and Chemistry.