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Preschool Registration for 2022-2023

Lexington Public Schools Preschool Registration

for the 2022-2023 school year.


Lexington Public Schools will be registering preschoolers for the 2022-23 school year during the month of April.


Children must reach age 4 on or before July 31, 2022 to qualify for enrollment into preschool
at our Early Learning Academy in the Opportunity Center.


Children who meet the above-mentioned requirement may register at the Lexington Public Schools Registration Office at 300 S. Washington in Lexington.

Be sure to bring the following two items: 

    • The child’s State-Certified birth certificate
    • The child’s immunization records.


Children who reach age 4 AFTER the July 31, 2022 deadline will be able to fill out a waiting form that will be sent to the Early Learning Academy.  As those students turn 4 years of age, they will be called to register provided there is room at our Early Learning Academy.


For your convenience, click on this link to download and open a PDF file of the enrollment packet: 




Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding registrations please call Hardy Moreno at 308-324-1211 or Barre Hassan at 308-324-1217.

Click on images below for pdf.