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Each Friday that there is not an all-school Destination Graduation event, the Community Based Instruction students practice their job skills during first period and homeroom. As soon as students arrive in the morning they begin filling bags with fresh popcorn and folding them to prevent spills. As homeroom begins for most students, the CBI team takes to the halls and sells bags door-to-door for 50 cents each. It takes a positive attitude and courage to enter a different classroom of potential customers. We all appreciate the incredible kindness and generosity of the high school community who support us each week. 

The profits from popcorn sales help our group get into the community to do various activities to prepare for life after high school. We want all students to have access to resources and businesses that enrich our lives. That includes leisure, social, and recreational activities. So far this year we have painted pottery at Natural Escapes in Cozad, visited the Bumpkin Patch near Broken Bow, eaten at Kirk’s Restaurant in Lexington, and toured the Lexington Post Office, ending with a purchase of stamps. Our pending future plans include bowling and swimming. Central Nebraska offers a variety of opportunities, and it’s our goal to help students realize and enjoy as many as possible.