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         As student’s are considering future career opportunities Career and Technical Education is one of the many choices they may look into. Career and technical education instructors teach students the basics of many vocational subjects, construction, business and accounting, and culinary arts are just a few of the offering’s students have to choose from. One offering overlooked by many is that of a career and technical educator.

         Many students excel in these courses in high school, but when they look at their futures, they fail to realize the opportunities available as a teacher of these courses. CTE teachers are in high demand.   As the number of elective opportunities increase in today’s schools there is a need for teachers to fill the openings. Like any other teaching profession, the pay and benefits offer an appealing opportunity. CTE instructors attend college in preparation for the classroom, but the courses they take are specifically designed to teach the secondary CTE curriculum. These are the same types of courses many students thrive in while in high school. CTE instructors learn the teaching profession while developing their skills in a variety of vocational fields.

         If you or your student is considering education as a career, and enjoyed one of the many CTE opportunities available during high school consider looking into Career and Technical Education as a focus of study. For more information contact your counselors. Or one of our CTE instructors can provide valuable insights into the opportunities available.