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National High School Strength and Conditioning Association Region 6 Coach of the Year - Amber Burson

Lexington High School’s Strength and Conditioning Coordinator and Head Powerlifting Coach, Amber Burson, has been selected by the National High School Strength and Conditioning Association as the 2022 Region 6 Coach of the Year.  There are only 8 Coaches Nationally who are selected for this elite honor, and Coach Burson is the only award winner for the State of Nebraska in 2022.


Lexington’s Powerlifting Team has won a State Championship six years in a row.  She averages nearly 150 kids on the team per year, and that is with the strictest of standards for being a member of the team.  Those statistics are a testament to Amber’s skill and ability to get the most out of her students and our athletes at LHS.


Since 2008, Amber’s role in our school has evolved, as she is now our full-time Strength and Conditioning Instructor, Head Strength Coach, and Head Powerlifting Coach.  She is certainly one of the most influential stakeholders in our entire school. She is outstanding at building rapport and relationships with her students/athletes.  Her Powerlifting athletes are fiercely loyal to her, and I’ve witnessed how engaged they are in the process of becoming stronger, more explosive athletes.  The leadership that she models in the weight room has had an enormous impact on the student-athletes of Lexington High School. 


We’ve known all along that Coach Burson is one of the best coaches in the nation, but it’s nice to see that the National High School Strength and Conditioning Association is recognizing her hard work and dedication to our students and to our school/community!


We are grateful to the NHS-SCA for identifying and selecting Coach Burson for this well deserved and prestigious honor.


Phil Truax

AD – Lexington High School