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The Freshman American History Class has been studying the United States Industrial Revolution. One of the main components is studying about the Captains of Industry

who are the men who built America. Some call them Robbers because of the ruthless

tactics they used to gain their wealth, others call them Barons because of the brilliance and

innovation in creating their giant industries. The main activity was watching and answering

questions on video handouts on a series called “The Men Who Built America”.


Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, Henry Ford – their names are synonymous with innovation, big business and the American Dream. These leaders sparked incredible advances in technology while struggling to consolidate their industries and rise to the top of the business world. The Men Who Built America explains the connections between these iconic businessmen and explores the way they shaped the country, transforming the U.S. into a global superpower in just fifty years.