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Students in Pre-Algebra have been working hard since their return from winter break. They have been slowly getting back into the rhythm of starting their day with the daily Bell Ringer and then continue with a guided lesson with the content we are learning about before working on their homework assignments. They are given lots of class time to complete their homework assignments and ask teachers questions if they do not understand a specific problem they are working on.


We recently completed a quiz on simplifying expression with exponents and square roots. All students did very well. We are currently working on solving two-step equations and with more practice problems they will become mathematicians and be able to solve any equation that requires two steps to solve it.


Mathematicians are very curious and always ask the question WHY? They wonder, why are we learning about equations. Why do we need to learn about solving one step or two-step equations, and when will they use it in their everyday life? One real-world example of when someone will use equations and specifically two-step equations is when they are trying to see if they have enough money to buy a specific item online. For example, if someone has twenty dollars ($20.00) and are wanting to buy an item that costs two dollars ($2.00) each. How many items can they buy with paying a four-dollar ($4.00) fee on shipping and handling. The equation may look like $2.00x + $4.00 = $20.00. Now ask your child to show you the necessary steps on solving this equation.