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Intelligence is 90% Organization

    Some people look at writing as a strenuous activity, sometimes very stressful activity. It shouldn’t be that way. Writing is easy as one, two, three.

     If you can count to three and say S, E, E, you can write. If you can be organized, you can write. Most writing in the high school years contains the tasks of completing essays or research papers. If you break those tasks down, it comes down to writing coherent and unified paragraphs.

     Lexington Schools focuses on using The Write Tools curriculum to improve writing. Another easier task is using the S.E.E. method to start students writing in a relaxed manner. S.E.E. stands for Statement, Examples, Explanation.

     Students every day make strong statements, but can they back up those statements with facts. Those facts are called examples. Usually, if you use three strong examples in complete sentences to support your statement – you are almost done with a solid paragraph. Explanation can be easily stated as restating your statement by rewording it or using synonyms from your statement.

     Like any project, assignment or job one has – you want to put finishing touches on it. For us, finishing touches include using transitions in front of the examples. Students have a variety of transitions to put those finishing touches on a cohesive and unified paragraph.

     Writing is simply being organized. It is easy as one, two, three – S.E.E.