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As we get closer and closer to graduation, reality is starting to set in for many seniors on their plans after high school. Whether students are thinking about college, military or going straight into the workforce, we want our students to be aware of the opportunities that are out there for them. For those wanting to go on to college, the biggest question right now might be money. Below are some ideas on where to go to find scholarships and aid for college.


For scholarships, this is where seniors should start.


1. LHS website where we post all the scholarships we hear about through email or regular mail. Scroll down until you see the word ‘Scholarships’. You can click on the tabs labeled “college scholarships” or “general scholarships” to start exploring. The “Blackbaud Award Management” is for the local scholarships. Those won’t be available until the spring semester. The dates may be off by a few days as we work to keep things updated (many of these deadlines are from last year).


2. EducationQuest website has various scholarships that you can look through. You will need to create a profile but the beauty of their site is that by simply answering questions about yourself, it will narrow down the list of scholarships that you are eligible for. EducationQuest is a non-profit organization that helps students and families navigate their college process. They focus on Nebraska colleges and scholarships.


3. Specific college websites. The beauty of applying to different colleges (and being accepted) is that it will open up more opportunities for you to apply for. So if I apply to Wayne State College and get accepted, I can now apply for scholarships specifically to that school. Scholarship deadlines vary, some starting as early as October. To find a college’s scholarships, one can typically find a search bar and type ‘scholarships’.


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is another option for students who qualify to get help with college. This is money from the federal government for those who have financial need. In order to apply, students must complete an online application. We do have EducationQuest representatives from Kearney who come to LHS (or do appointments virtually) with families to help them complete the FAFSA. There are a few things that families must get ready to complete their FAFSA and that information can be found here.


As always, we encourage students and their families to visit with their school counselors for any questions.