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You can overcome it and FINISH STRONG!

As the final quarter approaches, I often hear students discussing how difficult it is to stay motivated. I hear their concerns of feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities as ‘adulthood’ and post-high school plans are less than 9 weeks away. Life decisions are rapidly approaching and reality sets in. So how can you stay on track and make it to the finish line with your shining accomplishment known as your diploma in hand? Here are a few tips to avoid the dreaded “senioritis.”



  1. GRADES STILL MATTER. Even if you have been accepted to college or are prepared for your career, remember your grades on your final transcript are what the college or employer sees. So don’t settle for just “passing”; show you are consistent in your academic commitment.
  2. KNOW THAT YOU ARE A “COLLEGE STUDENT IN TRAINING.” Be proud and continue working on those study skills you will need in college, career, and life.
  3. DON’T GIVE UP OR GIVE IN. By allowing negative choices or “slacking off” only starts a pattern of behavior that might be hard to break. When you are independent and living your own life, you don’t want to fight your way out of unproductive habits.
  4. CHALLENGE YOURSELF AND BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS. The whole world is waiting for you. Explore different interests. Talk to people about things that interest you. Make connections. You might find many new things you want to add to your life after graduation from high school.
  5. ENJOY EVERY MOMENT. Big or small, those moments, hilarious or serious, are now part of your memories and who you are. So enjoy all the times that make up your high school years and appreciate the learning that has helped you become who you are.