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Feel Good Friday: LPS Staff Shout Out

feel good friday winner for NOVEMBER 19, 2021 was MARGARITA BUEZO.

Margarita Buezo is an 8th grade Language Arts teacher at Lexington Middle School and an assistant Cheer Coach for LHS.  When asked what she enjoys most about working at LPS, Margarita shared that she enjoys working with our students, and that their creativity and individual personalities make for interesting and fun times in the classroom.  Margarita shared that they often surprise and amaze her and she is beyond lucky to be where she is at.


Margarita stated Lexington has always been her home as it is where her heart is.  Most of her family lives in Lexington and she shared they are her motivation and number one supporters.  When she is not teaching Margarita can be found coaching cheer.  Outside of school Margarita loves to spend time with her boys, her husband Hector and sons, Xavier, Hector, and Daniel.


When we asked Margarita what she would say to inspire gratitude in others she stated that she often shares with her students that every action has the ability to change a life.  A smile can go a long way- it doesn’t take much to spread joy and kindness.  You get the chance everyday to make a difference in the world, are you going to take it?


Congratulations, Margarita!  LPS appreciates all you do, and we are proud of you!

What are feel good Fridays?

Feel Good Fridays are celebrated the first and third Friday of every month where one staff member of LPS is recognized for their hard work and dedication they provide to the district. All staff members have the opportunity to nominate their colleagues in the days before the drawing.  All nominations are entered into a random drawing and one staff member is selected to be the spotlight for that week. Our winner receives a bouquet sponsored by Plum Creek Market Place Floral Department and a gift card donated by USave Pharmacy and Gifts.  It is our hope through spreading kindness and an attitude of gratitude we will continue to strengthen a positive culture at LPS.