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By Mr. Daniel Arias


This semester in at least three sophomore sections of English at LHS, students have been actively reading Fahrenheit 451. Author Ray Bradbury wrote this book in 1953 in efforts of creating a grim picture of a dystopian world in which books were outlawed and only the government decided what content the people would consume. The parallels found in the novel and censorship in our real world is impressive. Ray Bradbury aimed to shake up the way people create their points of views and how they perceive that process happens.


Students have looked at previously banned books and have also generated their own list of banned content for different assignments in the unit. During this unit, students also acknowledged the importance of reading and creating a solid foundation for our own thoughts and ideas. Four hundred and fifty-one degrees fahrenheit is the temperature at which a page ignites. Most students will never forget this fun fact. The hope is that students will also never forget to ignite the fire in their minds in search of truth and justice. Long live books!