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Have you seen students doing jobs around the school like washing windows and vacuuming? Students who take Employment Today with Mrs. Claflin will learn different job skills that will help with future employment. Some of the jobs that students do around the school are washing and folding the weight room towels, washing dishes, washing and folding jerseys for the sports teams, vacuuming the rugs at the entryways, filling water jugs, delivering school mail, delivering mail to teachers, and picking up recycling. Every day we wash the tables in the cafeteria after everyone eats lunch. Some students go off campus and work. We go to the YMCA and clean, a church and fold bulletins, the Majestic Theatre and clean, and the Grand Generation Center and clean. Along with Dawson Motor Company where a student details cars, and another goes to Five Star Flooring and is learning the trade of carpentry. There are a lot of job skills that the students in Employment Today learn. If you see them out working, say thank you. They are learning important skills and keeping LHS looking sharp!