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Compare and Contrast Writing in English 4 and College English II


Carol Carlson


            How are two stories alike and how are they different? A compare contrast essay points out the similarities and dissimilarities. The seniors in English 4 will compare and contrast the epic poem Beowulf with the movie by the same name. We are currently reading Beowulf and watching a video series that tells us more about the literary devices, history, and structure of the epic. Students will view the movie at the Majestic Theater on Monday, February 28. They will then choose three topics from the poem and movie to compare and contrast. The essays will be due Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

            College English II students are doing a different type of compare and contrast paper. They are doing a synthesis essay, which compares and contrasts two or three articles on a topic. They look at how the articles are similar and different, then come to a new understanding of the topic with a unique thesis statement. These students are also learning how to do a reverse outline. The students may choose a topic of his/her own or use one the teacher has collected articles on about tattoos. The synthesis essay will be due Wednesday, February 16, 2022.