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Class B NSAA Journalism Championships

Congratulations to the Minuteman Yearbook staff. Yesterday was the Class B NSAA Journalism Championships in Norfolk. These five students earned eight medals at the contest. We had two state champions; Miranda Gomez in Yearbook Feature Writing, and Tzintly Angulo in Yearbook Sports Feature Writing. 


Headline Writing 

Miranda Gomez 7th


Yearbook Feature Writing 

Miranda Gomez 1st 


Yearbook Sports Feature Writing 

Daisy Gomez 7th

Tzintly Angulo 1st 


Photo/Artistic Illustration 

Tzintly Angulo 7th 

Madeline Armstrong  8th


Sports/Action Photography 

Daisy Gomez 5th


Yearbook Theme Development 

Minuteman Yearbook Staff 3rd

State Journalism Medalists

Daisy Gomez, Miranda Gomez, Tzintly Angulo, Alexsandra Guvara-Andrade, Madeline Armstrong.