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¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! We have been getting busy with learning basic phrases in Spanish 1 and reviewing the main topics from Spanish 1 in our Spanish 2 classes. The Spanish 1 classes are working on the alphabet, numbers, classroom vocabulary and other phrases currently. Everyone is already making progress with the language and I am excited to see how much Spanish was retained over the summer break with the Spanish 2 class. So far, students are rocking it!


Mr. Diego Gamero and I are hosting another few trips abroad with students. We recently have discussed with our classes the two trips and let students know to bring us any questions either they or their parents have if they are interested. I am taking students to Peru in July of 2022 and Mr. Gamero is taking students to Barcelona, Spain and Paris, France in June of 2022. As our Costa Rica trip was a huge success, we are extremely excited to have another opportunity to host these two trips and open the doors of traveling to even more students. Please feel free to e-mail either myself (Kim Ramirez) or Mr. Diego Gamero with any questions you may have.