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In Spanish class students are learning about the Aztecs and their domination of the central part of Mexico. The Aztecs were one of the Mesoamerican cultures that settled along the Texcoco River and it is one of the cultures that created an impressive agricultural system in the small island of the Lake Texcoco.

The Aztecs also developed writing skills and a calendar with 98% of accuracy called: The Aztec calendar. They also built temples and ceremonial places for the sacrifices and rituals for their gods. Students will have an opportunity at the end of this chapter to virtually explore the Museum of Archeology and history of the City of Mexico where the original Aztec calendar is located. Also, students are working on their presentations where they will specifically talk about an Aztec leader. Some of those leaders include Moctezuma (Montezuma) and Cuauhtémoc. After, finishing this chapter, we will talk about other indigenous cultures such as the Incas and the Mayas.