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This semester, as seniors in Ms. Temple’s English 4 class have been looking forward to embarking on new adventures following graduation, they have also been tracking the adventures of 13 dwarves, a wizard, and a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins in J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved novel, The Hobbit. During class, the students routinely make connections between circumstances, and dilemmas faced by Tolkien’s unique characters to circumstances and dilemmas they have faced or will face in their own lives. Another part of The Hobbit unit includes students investigating their personality and career strengths through the 16Personality inventory. Each student applied those strengths while working on collaborative projects, including creating a map of Middle Earth, the entrance to Bilbo’s home and fanciful woodland tree. This project helped the students develop a more immersive understanding of Middle Earth and work together to complete the project. Reading The Hobbit furthered an appreciation for Tolkien’s influence on the fantasy genre and quickly converted the students into Tolkien enthusiasts. In years to come, as these seniors embark on quests of their own, it is my hope that they will keep the stories and lessons learned from The Hobbit close to their hearts.

-Ms. Temple

Seniors Adrienne Keith, Cristian Chavez-Camarena, and Eliza Cordova collaborate on creating a tree as they recreate the wooded landscape of the Shire, the home of the hobbits in Middle Earth. (Not pictured: Salvador Canales-Dubon)

Seniors Miguel Perez and Liesebet Hernandez-Noriega use their creative strengths to create this map of Middle Earth which helped the students to chart Bilbo’s quest. (Not pictured: Miles Decker)