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As we wind down the end of this year, many of our seniors are heading off to college, military or work. All of our other students are getting one year closer towards their own high school graduation and they will be heading off to the next stage in their lives. The ACT (American College Test) is one of the main tests used to gauge college readiness and can also help students find out if they can be accepted into certain colleges or if they are eligible for some scholarships. All juniors at Lexington High School take the ACT once for free and can take the ACT more times on their own. Below is more information regarding the ACT (and other standardized testing).


Q: What does the ACT consist of?

A: The ACT is divided into four parts: English, math, reading and science. There is also a writing portion, but at this point it is optional for students. These are timed tests. Certain students can qualify for extended time if they are provided accommodations or modifications in their school.


Q: Where can my student get additional prep or practice for the ACT?

A: A list of resources for ACT practice is available on the EducationQuest site. You can get there by going to www.educationquest.org, then hover over ‘resources’ and click on ‘handouts’. There are lots of great resources on there including ‘ACT/SAT test prep resources’. The local community college often offers ACT prep courses for a small fee. You can also go to the link: https://www.educationquest.org/pdfs/Handouts/ACTSATResources.pdf


Q: When is the next ACT?

A: The ACT is administered about once every two months. A full list of the ACT dates can be found on their site. Searching for ‘ACT dates’ on their search bar will get you to their site. Students must sign up for the test about a month in advance. Depending on the month, there are different sites that will host the administration of the ACT. If not, there is a late fee involved. The link below will get you to the flyer that has the date. https://www.act.org/content/dam/act/unsecured/documents/pdfs/2020-BTSM-Flyer.pdf


Q: What is the cost of the ACT?

A: The ACT is currently at $55 a test. If students want to also take the writing portion, it is a total of $70. It is important to note that many colleges/universities or specific academic programs are NOT requiring the writing portion of the ACT. However, it is advised that students check in with their college or program to make sure that that is the case. Students on free/reduced lunch qualify for up to two waivers meaning that they do not have to pay. Waivers can be accessed with your school counselor.


Q: What happens if I sign up for an ACT and I don’t show up?

A: If you are all registered and you don’t show up, you may lose the money that you have paid for the test. If you qualified for a waiver, you will lose that waiver and it cannot be replaced. If you know before the test that you are unable to attend, you should talk to your school counselor to see what options you may have.


Q: Do I HAVE to take the ACT?

A: All 11th graders at Lexington High will have the opportunity to take it one time for free. After that, it is up to each student. Many 4-year colleges/universities and scholarships will want to see ACT scores. However, 2-year colleges typically do NOT require the ACT for acceptance or placement into their courses. Even then, it is still advisable to consider doing well on the ACT because they may accept those scores for scholarships or placement into courses.


Additional information on the ACT can be found at the site below: