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Pioneer Village

Sandoz Elementary

Sandoz Elementary School serves approximately 270 students in Grades 2-3 in self-contained classrooms. A balanced curriculum is delivered to ALL students including High Ability Learners, English Language Learners, and Special Education students. A variety of programs and support services are available which include: Speech Therapy, Resource, Title I, Reading Intervention, Autism, Inclusion, Music , PE, and Counseling. Parents may have their child participate in the after-school Lexington Academy or before and after school tutoring programs. Teachers and staff work collectively to provide an educational opportunity that reflect the needs of every student and supports the District's mission statement.

Sandoz Elementary Demographics

(based on the 2017-18 NDE Nebraska Education Profile)

Enrollment: 312
Free/Reduced Priced Meals: 86%
English Language Learners: 61%

Student Membership by Race

Year American Indian/
Alaska Native
Asian Black or
African American
Hispanic Native Hawaiian or
Other Pacific Islander
White Two or More Races
2017-18 13% 69% 12% 6%


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