7th Football

7th Grade Football: A Learning Experience On and Off the Field

fb1As the dreaded summer heat seems to get a little hotter, the Middle School fills with students.  What this means for 7th grade boys is that they have their first opportunity to play school sponsored sports like football.

7th grade football will focus on two different ideas this season: Fun and Fundamentals.  In order to build a successful program at the high school level, athletes need the basic techniques and practices taught to them to form the foundation that the player will take with them to the next level of play.  7th graders use the same offense and defense that the high school uses but it is broken down to a middle school level.  Middle school athletics has 7 goals that it teaches its athletes, they are:

  1. Direction in developing healthful living habits
  2. Discipline
  3. Leadership
  4. Teamwork
  5. Respect for Rules and Regulations
  6. Personal Responsibility
  7. To provide positive opportunities for students as an incentive and alternative to destructive activities or actions.

Since 7th grade football is a school sponsored activity, students are able to participate fb2with no cost to them.  They are checked out a helmet, shoulder pads, pants with pads, and jerseys.  One of the positives of middle school athletics is every student gets to play in every game as long as their grades are eligible and they are coming to practice.  The middle school adopted a policy last year that if a students has an F in the gradebook that they have 5 days to get their grade up otherwise they are ineligible to play for that week.  It has been a good policy and athletes are more focused on what school is for and that is academics.

fb3The 7th graders have already checked out pads and have been putting in the playbook for this year.  They have had practices that focus mainly on putting in an offense.  As the weeks progress hopefully it will get cooler as we have had many 90+ degree days out on the practice field.  Thankfully the following weeks should yield cooler temperatures and a few wins for the 7th grade football team.