Cheer Camp for LMS students

December 21, 2017

Lexington High School Cheerleaders are hosting a Cheer Camp for all Lexington Middle School students in grades 6-8th.  Practices will be on Wednesdays, after school, in January 2018.  Cost to participate is $30 through December 21st ($35 after until the first day o... Read More

Keep On Reading

December 21, 2017

With the break from school, please remember to keep on reading!  Grab a book and read 20 pages a night and you will be ready to take an A.R. test when you come back from break.  Students can check books out from the school or public library.  Find a good book ... Read More

Problem Solving

December 19, 2017

Eighth graders have been busy solving systems of equations for the last several weeks.  We've used many different methods including graphing, substitution and elimination.  We have solved some real world problems this way.  Give it a try... A man and his 3 ch... Read More

Computer Science Education Week

December 18, 2017

Did you know that computing is the #1 source of wages in the U.S.? There are more than 500,000 computing jobs open nationwide, but last year only 42,969 computer science students graduated into the workforce. Computer science is foundational for every industry tod... Read More

Ancient Religions

December 17, 2017

7th graders at LMS are exploring the Indian religions of Hinduism and Buddhism.  Why ancient religions?  Religion in India directly impacts their political system and social organization.  Just ask the 7th graders why practicing Hindu&... Read More

Majestic Theatre

December 14, 2017

The historic Majestic Theatre was reopened in June of 2015 after being purchased by the school board in 2012. Ongoing school and community efforts keep this wonderful piece of Lexington’s history running strong. 8th graders at Lexington Middle School have had firs... Read More

Thankful Leaves

December 14, 2017

In Language Arts on the Stripes team, we have been working on a couple of different projects the last couple of weeks. We made our “Thankful Leaves” for our team tree in November. The students really enjoyed this project and being able to share with their teacher... Read More

Help Special Needs Children Enjoy the Holidays

December 13, 2017

The holidays can be stressful for everyone, but they can be especially stressful for students with attention, learning or behavior difficulties.  The website,, has several articles about how to help students with special needs prepare for and enjoy the ho... Read More

21 Things To Do During Christmas Break

December 12, 2017

 As the Christmas holiday break is coming up, many people have some extra time to spend outside of work or school.  A few things that come to mind for me include finishing up some projects around the house such as finish mudding walls in a closet and painting it or... Read More

Screen Time Guidelines for Teenagers

December 7, 2017

  As kids get older, too much screen time can interfere with activities like being physically active, doing homework, playing with friends, and spending time with family. Too much screen time also can contribute to obesity, attention problems, sleep disorders, and... Read More


December 6, 2017

As we near the end of first semester it is satisfying to look back and see all of the great work we’ve done in the vocal music program this fall. Our high school students had the opportunity to attend a two-day clinic with Mack Wilberg, the music director of the Mormon... Read More