December 13, 2018

Homeroom 303 has been busy making blankets. These will be delivered to the Parent Child Center. Read More

Middle School Begins a New Explore Class

December 12, 2018

This year Lexington Middle School started the CTE Agriculture class as part of the Explore rotation of classes.  CTE indicates it is a Career and Technical Education class, which means its focus is on preparing students for college and career opportunities.  The ma... Read More

Information Technology

December 11, 2018

Classes in Information Technology have appreciated the ease of creation using ipads this year! Applications such as, Green Screen by DoInk, iMovie, and Keynote have allowed students to become creators of content, not just consumers. Sixth graders have concentrated on keyboa... Read More

Holy Buckets Batman

December 9, 2018

Holy Buckets Batman, that’s a lot of Reading! The 8th grader superheroes are working diligently to make AR goals, and in the process are becoming avid readers. Lexington Middle School prides itself on fostering an environment that aids in the development of lifel... Read More

Bringing Egyptian Pharaohs to Life

December 6, 2018

Students in 7th grade social studies classes were recently able to work with a new Application on their IPads called "Talkr" while studying Ancient Egypt.   The "Talkr" application allows the user to create a talking face from an otherwise still picture by lining u... Read More