January 29, 2015

Enhancing one’s vocabulary is one of surest ways to increase success in school.  Especially for those who are not native speakers of English, the increasing difficulty of academic vocabulary that is encountered in school can be overwhelming.  Vocabulary.com is a website designed to help improve your vocabulary in a fun format.  It is set up as a game, where each round of 10 questions is a set of words.  You earn points for getting answers correct, which motivates those competitive types among us to try and do better to get a higher score.  There are hints, definitions, examples in context, and even pronunciations.  It is also adaptive, the questions build on each other depending on which words you know or don’t know.  When you get a question wrong, you have the opportunity to learn what the word means and then encounter it again when they review it in a later question.  You can sign up for a free account, and it will keep track of your progress over time.  Whether you are a student or an adult, this website will help you increase your word knowledge and give your brain a little exercise.