April 11, 2014

Summer Keyboarding Skills

Summer is just around the corner and most of the students at the Middle School have taken a quarter of keyboarding to provide them basic keyboarding skills.  Now is the time for students to practice those skills to help prepare them for next fall--whether that is at the high school or middle school.  Just like sports, keyboarding skills require practice to perfect proper technique and increase speed and accuracy.

What are the important skills that students should be using and practicing?  

  • Fingers slightly curved on Home Row keys
  • "Reach" for keys on the top and bottom rows
  • Eyes on the screen, not the keyboard or fingers while typing
  • Computer/keyboard at the table's edge
  • Arms comfortably at their sides
  • Back straight and feet flat while seated at a chair

Although students will not have access to the school keyboarding software program in the summer, there are a number of ways that students can practice the typing skills they have learned this year.  Check on the Internet for free typing programs to use.  Practice typing a page from a summer reading book on the computer.   Try to type part of the time with the keyboard covered to check your technique and memory of key location.  Most importantly, keep practicing with proper technique to give you a head start on school next fall!!!  Have a great summer!!!