Time Capsule

February 2, 2016

What would you put into a time capsule?  You could pick from items such as a picture, a favorite toy, or a book?  The National 6th grade team has been researching information about time capsules during the third quarter in Mrs. Morton’s Language Arts class.  Many different items can be included in a time capsule like pictures, toys, and letters.  After reading about time capsules, the classes then needed to pick something to place in a time capsule.  The students picked an item, and wrote about it.  They first were to describe their item, second, explain why the item was important to them, and third, why it would be important in the future.  Some different items the students chose were drumsticks, soccer balls, pictures of family members, and different types of food.   The paragraphs were written in class and typed.   If you know a 6th grade National student, ask them what they picked.  They had fun choosing an item to place in their time capsule and writing about it for class.