October 17, 2012

Take Time

As your child gets older, lots of activities come up that keep you from interacting with your child, school projects, sports, friends, and Church just to name a few. As the Quarter comes to a close you may even feel like you don't know as much about your child as you did when they were in Elementary school. Taking time to talk with your child can sometimes be difficult as you may not know what to say, do or talk about that will help to rebuild that connection. Here are a few short and easy things that you can do with your child to help you reconnect with your child:

1.     Ask - specifically ask question about what they have learned in their classes and don't accept nothing as an answer. They are being taught each day here at LMS!

2.     Read - have your child Read to you. Have them read part of the AR book that they currently have checked out from the Library. If they don't have a book, make a quick stop at the Public Library to pick up a good book together. Taking just 10 minutes a day to read together can not only help you connect, it will also help them at school!

3.     Play - take 10 or 15 minutes to play a game (shoot hoops, kick the soccer ball, checkers, etc) and chat while playing. Try to avoid activities that prevent conversations like video games.

4.     Learn - have your student teach you something that they have been learning at school in one of their classes. Do your best to learn it so you can follow up with the learning later through the month.

5.     Plan - work together to plan a weekend activity that your child would enjoy doing with you (and the family). Again, try to make the activity something that you can talk during. Then be sure to follow through and make a weekend out of it!

While these different activities are not 100% guaranteed to work, they are great ideas to start with to help you get to know your Middle School student a little bit better. They may also spark some new interests for your child (or you!)