The Giver

March 14, 2017

Every year, I look forward to teaching The Giver to our 8th graders. Whether they love it or hate it, the novel draws out strong opinions and interesting discussions. This year was no exception. Even students who do not enjoy reading get sucked into the futuristic, dystopian world of The Giver and the topical issues that come with it. Another fun part of teaching the novel is the utopia brochure assignment we use to wrap up the unit– each student gets the chance to create his/her own perfect society with its own rules and attractions. This year, we ended up with amazing utopias such as Memeville, where fighting is not allowed and the punishment is being put in the same room with the other offender until the issue is resolved. Or would you rather visit Grudela, where all stray dogs MUST be adopted?  Or perhaps Nutella is your idea of utopia, with its rules that specify everyone has to wear clothes and for Lent, you have to give up water. It’s always a treat to see how creative and contemplative 8th graders can be!