Thankful Leaves

December 14, 2017

In Language Arts on the Stripes team, we have been working on a couple of different projects the last couple of weeks. We made our “Thankful Leaves” for our team tree in November. The students really enjoyed this project and being able to share with their teachers and peers the many things they are thankful for.  Next, we wrote back to some new pen pals from The Great American Mail Race. The students started this activity at the beginning of the year and will continue it throughout the rest of the year. This is a project that the students are checking in on each day and are so happy when I let them know that they have gotten letters. Finally, we are ending our semester by reading The Christmas Shoes. This is a novel that the students have really enjoyed. During the reading of this book, we worked on a project where the students each made their own snowflake that was generated from their name. Each snowflake is different, just like them. The snowflakes will stay on our tree until after Winter Break, feel free to stop by and look at them.