December 16, 2012

Technology in the classroom.

It really can be a pain to be sick from school, especially if it is for more than one or two days. When you get back to school not only did you miss what your friends did while you were gone, but the teachers expect you to get caught up in schoolwork! Throw in the fact that your math class has covered three new concepts and you didn't get to hear what the teacher said and how it was explained!

A few teachers at the middle school are combating that problem by having all of their lessons online and easily accessible for the students. In fact in a few of the classrooms that is how all of the students get the information. They watch the video of their teacher explaining the lesson at home the night before. Then when they arrive in class the next day they can ask questions and work on their homework while their teacher is there to help them. This also helps the teachers by giving them more time to work with individual students and in small groups with students that are struggling or may need questions answered. Students who do not have internet access at home can watch the video in class the day before, it will just give them more of the other homework to do at home, everyone does the same amount, they can just do it at different times.