Pumpkin Catapult, A STEM Activity

November 9, 2017

October 31st , 6th grade math students built and competed in launching candy corn pumpkins from a catapult. This is a STEM activity that teaches students to problem solve. Students worked with a partner and were given instructions, 6 rubber bands, a spoon, 9 craft sticks and practice candy corn pumpkins. They had to read the instructions to build catapults and then they practice launching their pumpkins. If they were not happy about the results of the launching they were to problem solve and figure out how they could improve their catapult. Students were allowed about 20 minutes to get their final catapult completed. The last twenty minutes students competed against each other. We all had a good time. Some students were successful in launching their pumpkins. Some students pumpkins went backwards, some fly straight up in the air and right back down, and a couple of them had their spoons break but we had a good time!