March 17, 2011

Students Strike it Big in the Stock Market

            “Did Mr. Prososki really ask me to check my socks?” said many anonyms 8th grade students.  Over the past month, 8th grade students at Lexington Middle School have been learning about economics and how it affects their lives.  In class we touched on a variety of issues from the national debt all the way to the difference between a bear and a bull market.  To conclude the unit, students were given the opportunity to buy one share of any stock that is currently being traded on the New York Stock Exchange.  Once the students picked the stock of their choice, the whole class bought the stock on a Monday and kept the stock until Friday.  During that week, the students learned how external factors played a key role in the stock market in the United States.  One factor that had a huge impact on New York Stock Exchange was the crisis in Libya.  When the week was over, the majority of the students had capital losses, but there were a select few who actually made some capital gains.  Over the course of the month the students learned many valuable lessons that can be applied to their lives and about the complexity of the stock market in the United States.


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