Pre-Columbian Culture

April 2, 2017

Seventh graders in Spanish 3, were learning about Pre-Columbian Empires and culture. We watched some videos about how the Inca Empire came to an end in XVI century when the Spanish led by Francisco Pizarro arrived Northeast of Peru looking for wealth. They learned about Inca believes, rituals, Inca system of roads and messengers (known as Chasquis). We did some reading and some research to learn about Inca’s advanced techniques of agriculture, productive farming, irrigation canals, the use of the terraces and the human draught plow, the commerce based on the exchange of goods and use of Quipus to collect data and keep records of the possessions of the Empire and the social structure, sacrifices and the worship of forces of nature.

Previous to this, we spent some time learning about Pre-Columbian legends, such as, “The legend ofthe condor lover”, “The legend of the Ayar brothers” about the origin of the Incas, and “The legend of the origin of the Quinua”. Students retold Pre-Colombian legends from Ecuador accompanied by illustrations inspired by the Arte Tigua of Ecuador.