Polar Bears

December 18, 2011

Seventh Graders Saving the Polar Bears

Need a hug??? The seventh grade Science students would love to give you one! Students of Mrs. Maloley and Mrs. Bauer have started a campaign to help in the conservation efforts to save polar bears and their habitat. In conjunction with Coca Cola, the kids are selling white coke cans to raise money to adopt a polar bear.

Each morning from December 7-14 the boys and girls are selling "Bear" Hugs to the students of LMS. The cans of Coke can be purchased for $1.00 to give to friends and family. The proceeds from the sales will go to Polar Bear International to be used for habitat development for the threatened polar bear species.

The seventh grade Science students had the opportunity to complete three distance learning sessions with scientists in Churchill Manitoba, Canada. They were given the chance to send questions to the scientists during the live webcast. They were also able to witness polar bears in action. The boys and girls learned a great deal about polar bears and their environment.

After finishing the distant learning classes, the students researched how global warming is affecting the tundra biome, arctic region, and polar bears.  They used iMovie to create a public service announcement to help save the polar bears. The PSAs have been shown daily in Homeroom.

If you would like to buy a "Bear" Hug, please ask Mrs. Maloley or Mrs. Bauer at Lexington Middle School. You may use the following link to view the public service announcements created by seventh grade Science students: