April 17, 2013

Acrostic Poetry

An acrostic poem is very easy and fun to write.  It can be about any subject. This kind of poem can be written in different ways, but the simplest form is to put the letters that spell your subject down the side of your page.  When you have done this then you go back to each letter and think of a word, phrase or sentence that starts with that letter and describes your subject. The following poems are examples of acrostic poems created by our 6th grade students. Some of them look like a riddle, the answer key... just look at the first letter in the column of the poem. I hope you enjoy them!

Not so flat as people say,
Expect great things
Border to border
Rich soil around every corner
Always beautiful and interesting
Sky's ever changing color will impress you
Kansas to the South
And Dakotas to the North

Search for me anywhere you will always find me
Nothing stops me from scaring you
Anaconda that is what I'd like to be
Kind that's what I am not
Everybody tries to kill me when they see me

People use me everyday for school
Everybody breaks me once in a while
Not all are made out of wood
Celebrate for having me because I help you
In love with erasers
Later you will see the true value I have

Boy touring all over the world
I am going to see you in July
Everyone wants to meet you
Believers love you! Especially me
Every song you make is number one on the list
Rock-pop star, great music you offer us