February 22, 2011

Piracy In The 6th Grade 

piracy1Ms. Robbins’ 6th grade reading class has been reading the unit Pirates On The High Seas in our Read for Real book. Before we read each story, we preview the selection by looking at pictures and headings to predict what the story will be about.  We also study the vocabulary words.  While reading the story, we make connections with what we are reading to what we already know about the topic.   When we are done reading the story, we recall and evaluate the information and apply that to our test.   We also get to work on some fun pirate worksheets and watch videos about pirate’s today from CNN.com.

Arrrrrrrrrrrr you interested in the existence of a pirate? We have read Robbers of the Sea, in the story we learned about the origin of piracy and about different kinds of pirate ships. We also learned about Francis Drake, aka “The Dragon”, Captain Kidd, and Cruel Henry Morgan. Did you know that pirates never really walked the plank? Pirates were marooned on a small island that could wash away on high tide. They were also flogged (whipped).piracy2

In the story Fearsome Females of the Seas, we read about the terrible twosome, Mary Read and Anne Bonny. We also learned about the notorious Irish Queen, Grace O’ Malley, and the merciless Cheng I. Sao. We will read about the famous pirate Blackbeard and how pirates have a long lasting impact on many people and nations.  The pirate’s dreams of freedom and adventure will live on forever as there are still pirates taking over ships and being captured.

Written By:  Alex, Angelica, Daniel, Evan, Leah, and Lili