Parents Can Encourage Reading

September 23, 2014

Parents can play an important role in helping their children develop a love of reading.  As the sign says above the old cafeteria here at the Middle School, "Better Readers - Better Learners".  To improve at any skill does involve a lot of practice.  To improve at reading is no different.  Students that have good reading skills and habits also have success in other academic areas.  Some ideas that can be used to encourage reading at home include the following.

Plan a reading dinner.  Announce this special meal in advance.  That night, have everyone bring a book to the table.  Talk about each family member's choice and read parts of the book aloud.
Encourage reading in bed.  Help your child develop the read-in-bed habit.  Push lights-out time back 15-20 minutes if your child is in bed and reading.
Other ways to encourage reading include;
-Reading aloud to your child.  Read everything - books, poems, newspapers, magazine articles, etc..
-Visit the local library together.
-Keep reading materials in convenient locations in your home.  Encourage your child to use them, and let them see you reading also.
-Share books and stories from your childhood.  Pick one of your favorites and read it together with your child.
-Read the book that your child is reading in class.  You will show them that you think their work is important, and you might find the book interesting too.