Parent Teacher Conferences

December 31, 1969

Student Led Conferences are right around the corner!

Most Middle school students are already in the process of working on their power point / key note presentation that they will be sharing with their teachers and parents at the end of the month. For some this is a first time experience and for others it is another opportunity to try to better the last one they presented.

As an educator it is a great way for students to take ownership of their work and academic success and display them for their parents and teachers. Each student will have various slideshows that they have developed showing us snapshots of each of their classes. Within each of these slides they will show some work samples, possibly talk about the materials used in the classes, goals they want to set for themselves and comments and goals from their teachers. Also among the different slides there will be a snapshot of their grades, information about their A.R. goal along with some books they have enjoyed. As well as any other information they feel proud to show the adults in their lives.

As well as developing their power-point / key note presentation upon conference day students have to present their slide show to their parents and teachers. This helps them build skills to tell the story of their success, and to better connect with their parents if there is a language barrier. We hope that students are then able to come away with some self-reflection and ownership of their success.

Some ask why do student led conferences instead of the original way of conferencing? What is your opinion of the change in format?