January 27, 2012

by: Stacy Strauss, SLP

News For You Online is a fun and effective tool for middle school and high school aged students who are striving to improve language skills, vocabulary, comprehension skills, as well as reading and writing ability.  It is an interactive website that offers Easy-to-Read, High-Interest News Stories, printed at a lower reading level.  Each week, seven new Real-Life, Current Event stories are posted along with interactive vocabulary, comprehension, and grammar exercises, designed to enhance all of those crucial English literacy skills.  Each issue also includes a crossword puzzle and plenty of full color photos to aid in the comprehensibility of the stories.  The publication is available in full audio at, as well as in hard-copy newspaper form, which provide the full effect of reading an actual "newspaper".  The stories are so up-to-date and interesting, that I have several times found myself sharing them with my own family at home!  Lexington Public Schools already subscribes to this publication, via LHS.   If you would like to view a copy of an issue, or have full access to an issue on-line, contact me, Stacy Strauss, and I will be happy to assist you!  News for You is truly 'News for Everybody'!