September 8, 2014

New to the Language!

There are many new things happening this school year. Here we have ELL students new to the district and new to the English language. There are many new things to learn in a new year, but these students are working on improving their English speaking, reading, and writing skills. For many this is a new experience - they were able to go to the school library and check out a book in English, but for them to pick it up, read it and comprehend it is too much. So we decided we would break the process up. They were able to use a computer or a dictionary to translate the book they were trying to read to help them comprehend it in their native language. Then we have them read it to someone for oral fluency. Once they feel they have been able to translate, read, and comprehend the book they will take a quiz over the book. For a few they got excited after they did this. We heard comments such as " I get it, I understand the book now" as well as after the quiz " I passed, I passed, hey we passed" It is a very small thing but such a huge accomplishment for many of these non English speakers that have so much potential!