NESA Writing

November 19, 2012

Upcoming NeSa Writing for 8th Graders

Lexington Middle School eighth grade students will soon be participating in the Nebraska State Assessment (NeSA) field test for writing.  This is an excellent opportunity for them to experience the online testing environment prior to the actual test which will be administered during the regular testing window, January 21st - February 8th

In the field test, students will be assigned a sample writing prompt that they will use to generate a descriptive essay.  By participating, students will have the chance to gauge their current performance level.  They will be able to assess how well they manage their time for the different stages of the writing process, such as analyzing the prompt, brainstorming, developing a writing plan, drafting, revising, and typing a final copy.  Students will also be able to note which parts of the writing process was most difficult for them and make adjustments before the actual test. 

Additionally, students and teachers can analyze the student output from this field test to discover which traits of the writing are strengths and which are areas of concern that need to improve.  The NeSA-W assessment rubric explains that the writing will be assessed as follows on the actual test:

Ideas/Content - 35%
Organization - 25%
Voice/Word Choice - 20%
Sentence Fluency/Conventions - 20%