Music Appreciation

April 16, 2014

Music Appreciation

"Eleanor Rigby", "Let it Be", "I Want to Hold Your Hand", "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", "Come Together"........Do you remember any of these songs by The Beatles?

Did you know that none of the Beatles played any instruments for "Eleanor Rigby"?  It was all done by hired musicians.  "Let it Be" was based on a dream by Paul McCartney.  John Lennon was sued for writing "Come Together" because it was said to be very similar to a Chuck Berry song.

The 8th grade Music Appreciation class has been learning about The Beatles and one of their assignments is to research a song by them.  Some of their research must include what album the song is from, when was the song recorded, when was the song released, what genre is the song, who wrote the song, interesting facts about the song and other bands that do a cover version of their assigned song.  Once they have found the information they can do a Powerpoint, Comic Life or Keynote computer project to share their information and pictures.

The students enjoy learning about The Beatles and even enjoy listening to some of their songs from "Yesterday".