October 10, 2013

Minecraft & Civilization

Students in Mr. Allen and Mrs. Risinger’s 7th grade social studies classes have been busy learning what characteristics it takes to make a civilization.   The two-week unit is culminating in a hands-on project that allows students to create a physical model of an ancient Sumerian village.   Students could also choose to make an electronic 3-D project they created using their computer.   The requirements of the project allowed them to work in small teams to build a civilization that demonstrated their city had housing, government, arts, a stable food supply, religion and culture, a water supply, and a few other requirements.   The creativity of the student work was really exciting.   Play-dough, Lego’s, along with cardboard and toothpicks could be found throughout the various projects.

Several students chose the electronic option and spent several days building walls, buildings, and farms in their 3-D world of Minecraft.  Some of the students chose to create a project on the computer, and really got excited to work in Minecraft.  The popular game has a creative side that allows students to build in 3 dimensions, creating their own civilization that has all the characteristics of an ancient Sumerian society.  Projects were completed the week of October 7th through October 11th.