December 14, 2011

3 on 3 Basketball

The Middle School Physical Education classes are in the middle of a "3 on 3" basketball tournament!  12 captains  (six girls and six boys) were selected for each class, who then drafted their own teams.  Most teams have between 3-5 players depending on class size.

Each class plays round robin play twice, which means that each team plays each other twice.  The games are four minutes long with students calling their own fouls and violations, such as traveling and double dribble.  If two teams are tied after regulation we use "rock, paper, scissors" as a quick way to determine a winner.

Rules of the game:

  • Games played at all 6 baskets
  • Ball checked by defensive player
  • Offense starts at the top of the key
  • Each basket counts as one point, even outside the three point line
  • After each basket, teams change possession of the basketball
  • Players are to call out every made basket to help keep score

After round robin play, records were compiled for the 12 teams and seeded into a 12 team, double elimination bracket.  Each class will play out the bracket to determine a class champion!