Kids and Dreams Autism Conference

October 10, 2017

Three of our middle school teachers attended the Kids and Dreams Autism Conference in Kearney on October 6, 2017.  This was the 3rd annual conference that the Kids and Dreams foundation has presented for family members and professionals who desire to learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorders.  

Alex Plank was the keynote speaker for the conference.  Alex was diagnosed with Autism when he was nine years old and his presentation focused on sharing his experience growing up with Autism.  He shared how he became the creator of, a website created for individuals with Autism to communicate with each other.  He also talked about his experience on the set of FX’s show “The Bridge” where he was a consultant to the show’s star actress, Diane Kruger, to assist in developing her character who has Autism.  Lastly, he shared his experience in dating as a person with Autism.  He even showed a video clip of him on a dating show called “Love at First Kiss”.  

Other highlights from the conference were presentations by Dr. Matt McNiff, Dr. Melissa Kemmerling, and Jennifer Miller.  Topics included behavior strategies, sensory strategies, and cooperative team strategies. Parents and professionals came away with some new strategies to help the children in their lives become more successful.