How To Prepare For An IEP Meeting

February 1, 2018

If you have a student with and Individualized Education Plan or IEP, preparing for the annual meeting can help for a successful and smooth collaboration.  Here a few suggestions to help you prepare for a meeting and to help create and effective IEP.

  1. Review documents.  Look over past IEP’s, grades, homework, tests, report cards, etc.  Write down your own observations, concerns and celebrations.  What are the successes or where is your child still struggling?  Are there any new concerns?  What supports are helpful or no longer needed?

  2. Invite and prepare guests.  If you would like support at the meeting, invite someone to attend with you.  Explain how they can help support you in the meeting.  If your child will attend the IEP meeting, take the time to help them prepare for what will be talked about and how they can provide useful information.

  3. Be prepared to give input.  You know your child best.  Be ready to share about your child’s strength’s, any concerns or suggestions, and any questions you might have.  It may help to write a list of points you want to bring up at the meeting.  

  4. Relax and know that everyone has your child’s best interest at heart.  Focus on your child’s strengths, interests and challenges.  Remember that you know your child better than anyone else and the team wants to hear your input.